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What is the Best Oil to use for Deep Frying?

November 9th, 2011

Four Types of Oil Ideal for Deep Frying

Ah, the joy's of fried food!

Ah, the joy's of fried food!

Deep frying requires the oil to reach more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. Most frying will occur at 325-350 degrees.

Because of this specific requirement, it is important to know the smoke point, the temperature at which the oils starts to smoke, of a certain type of oil. Without doing so, you may heat the oil beyond its smoke point and cause it to ignite. Here are four types of oil that are ideal to use when deep frying:

Peanut Oil
Peanuts are botanically considered as legumes because they grow in the ground. This makes it a type of vegetable oil because it does not come from a nut tree. It is sold in gallon containers at camping stores and supermarkets. It is most ideal for deep frying turkey but it can also be used for deep frying any other type of food. Its taste is mild and its smoke point is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It consists of 17% saturated fat.

The downside is that peanut oil is expensive. But it is an excellent frying oil. You also need to consider the allergy issue that some may have.

Safflower Oil
This type of oil has the same smoke point as peanut oil. Similarly, it does not provide any taste to the food being cooked. But, unlike other vegetable oils, safflower oil is low in saturated fat as it only contains 9% of it. This oil is not the same as sunflower oil. It is best to keep this oil refrigerated and to immediately eat any food that is cooked with it because it breaks down quickly and leads to rancid smell and taste.

Soybean Oil
This type of oil is not easy to find. But, it may be available in gourmet stores, health shops and online. Its saturated fat content is 14%. It also has a smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very light in color and taste which does not change the flavor of the food in any way.

Canola Oil
This is the common term for a strain of rapeseed oil with low erucic acid. This type of oil is widely available in stores and supermarkets which make it the most convenient oil to use for deep frying. At 437 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a relatively high smoke point compared to other types of vegetable oil. It is flavorless and contains only 6% in saturated fat.

This works well and is cheap, but you need to use it relatively quickly because it can also get rancid quickly. When you are going to do alot of frying, I recommend using canola oil, but use it and dump it.

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